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Goodbye Letter From WGBH

Hi Everyone,
As of October 31st, 2012 WGBH has completed our contract with CPB for the American Archive Content Inventory Project. We may be stepping aside in our management role, but we will be watching the next steps of the project as CPB takes it forward with pride and excitement. On behalf of the WGBH Media Library and Archives staff, Sadie and I wanted to thank every single one of you that has worked on the American Archive Project to make it the success that it is. We have come so far!!

By October, 118 stations had successfully completed inventories with CPB funding and countless others participated by donating records to the cause. To date, the website contains 2,464,773 inventory records!

Talking to participants and hearing about your projects were truly the best parts of our day. We wish you all the best, and please keep in touch. We are always thrilled to hear about new endeavors and discoveries.


Sadie & Allison

Some of the WGBH Media Library and Archives staff that worked on the American Archive celebrate its successful completion. From left Allison Pekel, Kevin Carter, Leah Weisse, Jeff Elias, Karen Cariani, Alison Bassett & Sadie Roosa




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One Response to Goodbye Letter From WGBH

  1. Thanks Sadie and Allison!

    It was a pleasure working with you both and I really appreciate all your help and hard work!

    All the best,


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