Goodbye Letter From WGBH

Hi Everyone, As of October 31st, 2012 WGBH has completed our contract with CPB for the American Archive Content Inventory Project. We may be stepping aside in our management role, but we will be watching the next steps of the … more >

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Data Normalization

As we near the end of WGBH’s involvement in the management of the American Archive Content Inventory Project, we wanted to provide some details on what work has been done to improve participant data. All records submitted by stations who … more >

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Updated Grant Reporting Guidelines

Please note the following reporting guidelines. Check your individual CPB contracts for deadlines and let us know if you have any questions. ——————- INTERIM REPORTS Please submit a 1–2 page narrative report describing your project’s progress, workflow and any challenges … more >

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Kick-Start Webinar II Available

CPB and WGBH held an updated “kick-start” webinar on Thursday, October 13th. Topics included updates to the online inventory form, new date fields, and the process for nominating content for digitization. The webinar recording is available here: Let us … more >

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